Healthy Air™ Source Capture Systems for Keratin Smoothing and Nail Salons are Easy To Use!

All Healthy Air™ Source Capture systems are easy to assemble, use and maintain!  Below are videos for both our  Healthy Air™ Chemical Source Capture System for Brazilian blowouts and  Healthy Air™ Nails Source Capture System for removal of nail dust and chemical vapors.

Healthy Air™ source capture ventilation is the key to taking salon air pollution out of the breathing zone of your staff and removing it using patented eHEPA™  and advanced activated carbon technology.

See for yourself how  Healthy Air™ from Aerovex Systems  not only beats the competition when it comes to advanced features and performance, but ease of use and maintenance as well 🙂





Healthy Air Chemical Source Capture System – The Most Advanced System for Keratin Treatment Ventilation

Aerovex Systems Chemical Source Capture System with new Healthy Air™ technology is designed specifically to remove formaldehyde vapors from the breathing zone of hair stylist’s performing keratin hair smoothing services.

We have consulted with hundreds of professional cosmetologists and incorporated their input into our new Chemical Source Capture System.  Highly effective, affordable, extremely user friendly, and yes, quiet!  The next generation of salon ventilation has arrived!

Joining forces with Healthy Air™ technologies, we have created the most powerful and advanced Chemical Source Capture System designed for salon chemical fume extraction.  Healthy Air™ technology eliminates formaldehyde and chemical vapors in keratin hair smoothing treatments and other hair chemical services.                                            

The new Chemical Source Capture System with Healthy Air™ technology is uniquely designed to combine eHEPA technology with advanced activated carbon filtration.

Healthy Air™ utilizes an advanced eHEPA technology to capture submicron airborne particles as well as microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi, with efficiencies exceeding standard HEPA grade filters.

Healthy Air™ also utilizes an advanced activated carbon filter in combination with an energy field to provide sufficient dwell time to effectively adsorb / decompose salon chemical vapors and odors.

Say goodbye to watery eyes, itchy throat and all the other sensory irritations that come with performing Brazilian keratin treatments!

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Patented Healthy Air Technology Now Available in Aerovex Systems’ Chemical Source Capture Systems

Healthy Air TM technology protects the hair stylist’s & their client’s breathing zone by removing formaldehyde fumes and chemical vapors, odors and dusts produced during keratin hair smoothing treatments, at their source.

Dr. Karim Zahedi and a team of scientists at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA, developed the fundamental technology incorporated into the Healthy Air TM system.

Aerovex Systems and Healthy Air Inc. have worked together to design the completely new Healthy Air TM source capture system based on an enhanced HEPA technology, referred to as eHEPA.  The high energy field raises the capture efficiency and adsorption of keratin smoothing formaldehyde fumes and other salon chemical vapors and odors. This process also captures and decomposes airborne germs and viruses, while extending the useful life of the filter to four times longer than a HEPA filter.

eHepa and activated carbon filtration in combination with an energy field, holds pathogens, chemical vapors and odors in the filter longer so they can be adsorbed and decomposed. The end result is a system that removes the dangerous fumes from the breathing zone and then effectively captures them on filtration media, providing a cleaner and healthier air for salons.

This technology is exclusive to Aerovex Systems and not available in other source capture ventilation systems.

Now for the first time salons can remove germs and pathogens from your breathing zone and salon air along with chemical vapors and dusts produced during any hair salon chemical service.


The Chemical Source Capture System with Healthy Air Technology features a clear hood and easy to change plug and play filter system

Key features of the “Healthy Air” Chemical Source Capture System include:

·  Protects stylist’s & client’s “breathing zone”

·  Cleans the air from chemicals and particles

·  New eHEPA™ technology combines the use of a high energy field with   traditional HEPA filtration process

·  Enhanced activated carbon filtration

·  Electronic control panel with remote control

·  Newly designed clear hood with LED lighting

·  Sturdier, solid ergonomic design

·  Quiet: approx. 58 dBa at 6 feet

·  Notification for filter change

·  Portable with wheels for easy relocation

·  Exceeds OSHA requirements

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Doug Schoon Presents the Top Ten Myths Related to Artificial Nails

Myths.  They are all around us.  Whether it be urban legend or something that is related to our everyday life, it is important to dispel fiction from facts.  This is especially important when it comes to things that you deal with everyday life and affect you directly, like your profession.

Doug Schoon, scientist and internationally known expert on the nail salon industry has laid out 10 popular myths related to artificial nails that will help modern nail technicians separate fact from fiction.  Highlighted in this post is myth number 9 on Mr. Schoon’s list, “You should wear a mask when you do nails”.

Click Here To Read Doug's Article

When proper measures are taken, such as using a source capture ventilation system in your salon, nail dust masks are not necessary.  By using these systems you capture the dust and vapor at the source of the problem, not allowing them to migrate into the salon air.  Masks might work well for stopping dust, but have no effect on stopping harmful vapors from entering your body.  Source capture systems take in this harmful vapor where the work is being done and capture them in a thick bed of activated carbon.

Check out this myth and others here as stated by Mr. Schoon here.



Aerovex Systems Celebrates 25 years in business!


2013 marks Aerovex Systems’ 25th year in business!  We have been privileged to solve salon air contamination issues while always continuing to develop innovative products to provide a healthy & fresh salon air environment.

We’ve worked closely with Doug Schoon to develop & scientifically test ventilation systems to protect the respiratory health of nail technicians & hair stylists.  Controlling salon vapors & dusts for all salon chemical services is our expertise!  If you are aware of salon professionals who might benefit from our air quality consultation, please provide them with our website link:

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Jeff Cardarella, Owner

Aerovex Systems

Beauty Industry Expert and Scientist Doug Schoon Stresses the Importance of Salon Ventilation on the ABC News Website

In a new article on via the Associated Press, beauty industry expert Doug Schoon weighs in on the importance of proper ventilation in the salon industry.

With the recent revelations that certain nail polishes labeled free of toxic chemicals actually contain high levels of the agents, Mr. Schoon agrees that mislabeling of products should never be done, but stresses that proper ventilation and training of salon employees are much more important factors in preventing health problems.  Mr. Schoon states:

“[The] need for appropriate ventilation for the work you’re doing, whether it be in printing shops or other workplaces, is a huge area of opportunity that the (DTSC) should be focusing on”.

To learn more and read the entire article, click here




Airing it out: Madison’s Aerovex System’s helps salon patrons breathe easy October 25, 2011

When people talk these days about saving the environment, they usually mean the air, water, and land that make up the great outdoors. But while Jeff Cardarella is more attuned than most to the challenges faced by the environment on a grand scale, in his professional life, he’s been more focused on saving the indoor environment.

The owner of Madison’s Aerovex System’s, Cardarella is on a mission to clean up the air in salons – air that many salon patrons and workers are forced to breathe for extended periods of time.

“Most of the salon [owners] use their sense of smell to determine if there’s a problem,” said Cardarella. “They’re actually waiting for the client to tell them that they have a problem. They think that’s an acceptable part of the salon experience. It always has been until now. That’s changing. When you walk in the door and you smell strong odor, that’s not necessary. With proper ventilation, there should be no appreciable difference between the fresh air outside and the fresh air in the salon.”

Cardarella has been in business for 24 years, but interest in his salon air-purification systems increased dramatically last year when Oregon OSHA investigated keratin-based hair-smoothing productsafter stylists reported potential problems resulting from hair treatments.

“In October a year ago, OSHA inspected stylist-reported symptoms from exposure to these treatments to OSHA, and OSHA investigated and there was this big blowup,” said Cardarella. “And Brazilian Blowout, the product, was investigated by OSHA, and they alerted everyone to the health hazard. So the industry was just flying along for five years, and then when this hit, our business started picking up considerably. Everyone was interested in how to ventilate to fix this problem. … We were working weeknights and weekends, and the phone was ringing off the hook.”

Cardarella said that since then, there has not been a lot of guidance to the industry, though the industry has formed the Professional Keratin Smoothing Council – of which Aerovex is a founding member – to try to educate professionals and consumers about safety issues related to the use of the products. More recently, in September, the FDA warned the makers of Brazilian Blowout about the levels of formaldehyde in its product.

For its part, Aerovex says that proper work practices, including proper ventilation, can make such hair-smoothing services safe to customers and salon workers, but it remains to be seen how the regulatory landscape will unfold.

In line with the mission

But while formaldehyde in keratin-based products has only recently become an issue in the salon industry, true to his nature, Cardarella is ahead of the curve, and has been working on salon safety and air quality for years. This follows his work in protecting nail technicians from ambient-air problems, and in protecting professional printers. To Cardarella, it’s not just a business – it’s a passion.

“We advocate for the stylists and technicians to be progressive about their health, because there’s this tendency to believe that the government will take care of you because of the regulations that are in place,” said Cardarella. “That’s not so. We strongly advocate that they become aware and knowledgeable about control measures to protect their health, and those control measures include proper ventilation.

“It’s a neglected area, and has been, so we’re ushering in appropriate ventilation for the salon industry on the coattails of this hair-smoothing segment. But it’s a whole cocktail of chemical vapors and dust in the salon that already exists, besides the formaldehyde that’s coming out of this hair-smoothing application.”

Cardarella’s work in this area dovetails with his personal philosophy of protecting the air we all breathe, as well as the environment as a whole. He’s a big advocate for clean air, clean water, nutrition, and a simple lifestyle. For instance, last year, he put less than 3,000 miles on his car, preferring to bike as much as possible.

“If I was in business just to make money, there’s a lot easier ways to do it,” said Cardarella. “Putting pollution in the air is a lot more profitable than taking it out, so I’m dedicated to this because of the need.”

And that need is ongoing, says Cardarella, whether or not OSHA or the FDA decide to get involved.

“People rely on what you see and what you smell, but the dangers are in what you don’t see and what you don’t smell,” said Cardarella. “A lot of chemical vapors are dangerous to breathe that are odorless. A lot of dust that you breathe is invisible. It’s microscopic. So it’s becoming more aware about what you’re breathing and not relying on your sense of smell. This is not about removing odor, it’s about providing proper ventilation and providing clean air. And that’s not just an obvious thing, you have to become educated about that.”

Clean your house, clean up the environment

While Aerovex is committed to keeping the air clean in many indoor environments, it’s also got an interest in making mountains into molehills when it comes to the size of landfills.

To that end, the company is working on a launderable, magnetic wiping cloth that’s similar to a product it sold to printers back in the ‘90s.

“During the interim, I watched products like Swiffer come to the marketplace that were disposable,” said Cardarella, “and way back when I tried to market this product to the consumer, but because it didn’t end up in the landfill you couldn’t commercialize it. A lot of products I’ve been involved with you can’t commercialize because to commercialize them, you have to be able to dispose of them. You have to sell them over and over again. They’re too good. Hard to believe, but it’s true. But now that the environment is riper for considering what we put in the landfill, that can be changed.

“So I’m really excited about this new product to eliminate chemicals and to prevent the landfills from being filled with unnecessary paper towel waste.”

Professional Keratin Smoothing Council Embraces Source Capture Ventilation

Press Contact:
Dina Elliot
JG Communications Inc.

PKSC Presented Voluminous Data to the CIR Showing That Its Members’ Products Are Safe

The Professional Keratin Smoothing Council (PKSC), an association of the leading manufacturers, distributors and salon professionals in the keratin smoothing category, has presented voluminous data to the Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel (CIR) showing that its members’ products are safe when used per manufacturer’s directions. PKSC members require licensed cosmetologists to participate in a comprehensive educational/certification program in order to have access to their professional-use-only products, and to ensure that safe use and handling information is clearly communicated.

Edward Quevedo, a partner at Paladin Law Group LLP and counsel for the PKSC, states that, “The companies in this industry, as in the auto or food industry, or any other, span the range of corporate responsibility from those who play fast and loose with the law to those who go well beyond the legal minimums. The members of the PKSC are squarely in the latter camp. The members of our Council have spent tens of thousands of dollars conducting product development, safety research and testing to ensure that their products consistently, when used properly, are safe with exposures well below regulatory exposure limits.”

PKSC members are engaged in on-going efforts to further improve their products and recommendations for safe use and handling. Great concerns have been expressed by the public and salon professionals with regard to the safety of products in our category. Data from multiple independent laboratories and scientists have shown that PKSC, members’ products are safe according to current regulatory standards of safety. Our members provide formulations that can be used safely by following our recommended application techniques which significantly reduce the potential for sensory irritation. Our member companies continue to work together to raise the standard of education and information provided by manufacturers in the keratin smoothing category. Council standards include ensuring full disclosure of ingredients and Material Safety Data Sheet compliance.

The prestigious CIR’s most recent determination provides an opportunity and challenge for our members to continue to improve product safety, as well as to enhance education programs. It is important to understand that the CIR has ruled that keratin smoothing products CAN be used safely.  However, they are not yet convinced that they ARE being used safely in salons. The CIR has expressed its concerns and the PKSC is listening very carefully. The CIR has requested additional information to demonstrate that these products can be used consistently in a safe manner in professional salon establishments.

Quevedo said “This is an invitation we intend to enthusiastically accept. The CIR’s job is to be conservative when dealing with product safety. I have no doubt that we will succeed in convincing them that this is our singular mission, as well.”

While the keratin smoothing products manufactured by members of the PKSC contain ingredients that release limited traces of formaldehyde gas, none contain formaldehyde as an ingredient. Formaldehyde is a dry gas, and therefore cannot be an ingredient in any product. It is very important for the public to understand that while traces of formaldehyde are released during application of these products, exposure levels are consistently well below the safety levels established by regulatory agencies. Even so, when products are improperly used or the proper safety precautions are not heeded, both cosmetologists and clients may experience symptoms related to sensory irritation, such as watery eyes or nose or throat irritation. The Council’s efforts include continued focus on reducing salon exposure to levels that will avoid sensory irritation.

The PKSC recommends that consumers take an active role in ensuring that they receive the very best and safest hair smoothing services. They should insist that services be performed using products and application techniques that minimize the potential for sensory irritation. Start by asking your salon professionals which brand of hair smoothing product will be used for your service. PKSC member brands include Cadiveu, Keratin Complex, Marcia Teixeira, and SalonTech. Ask for these brands by name to ensure that you are using a brand that is committed to safety and educational excellence. Consumers should always ask to see their stylist’s training certificate, issued by the brand’s manufacturer to ensure that they have successfully completed an education/certification program enabling them to provide a safe and effective service. Finally, check to ensure that appropriate air ventilation is being used in the salon to control vapors and minimize the potential for sensory irritation. Salons that are not equipped with the appropriate ventilation needed to prevent sensory irritation should NOT provide these services until this situation is corrected. Proper ventilation that is appropriate for the services being performed in the salon is VERY important for both consumers and salon professionals. Aerovex Systems (, one of our founding members, is the developer of a hair salon source capture ventilation system, which provides a premiere example of “appropriate” salon ventilation equipment. Such equipment is useful for many types of salon services, including keratin smoothing and can offer an extra level of ventilation to help ensure the safety and comfort of clients and cosmetologists.

As a consumer of keratin smoothing treatments, it is important to remember that if you experience symptoms related to sensory irritation such as eye, nose or throat irritation, it is recommended that you ask your cosmetologist to discontinue the service. Clients should seek out salons that are equipped to provide keratin smoothing services in an appropriately ventilated environment that will eliminate the potential for sensory irritation to occur.

For further information or to share your experience with keratin smoothing services, go to and register as a consumer. We would love to hear from you.