Healthy Air™ Source Capture Systems for Keratin Smoothing and Nail Salons are Easy To Use!

All Healthy Air™ Source Capture systems are easy to assemble, use and maintain!  Below are videos for both our  Healthy Air™ Chemical Source Capture System for Brazilian blowouts and  Healthy Air™ Nails Source Capture System for removal of nail dust and chemical vapors.

Healthy Air™ source capture ventilation is the key to taking salon air pollution out of the breathing zone of your staff and removing it using patented eHEPA™  and advanced activated carbon technology.

See for yourself how  Healthy Air™ from Aerovex Systems  not only beats the competition when it comes to advanced features and performance, but ease of use and maintenance as well 🙂





Doug Schoon Presents the Top Ten Myths Related to Artificial Nails

Myths.  They are all around us.  Whether it be urban legend or something that is related to our everyday life, it is important to dispel fiction from facts.  This is especially important when it comes to things that you deal with everyday life and affect you directly, like your profession.

Doug Schoon, scientist and internationally known expert on the nail salon industry has laid out 10 popular myths related to artificial nails that will help modern nail technicians separate fact from fiction.  Highlighted in this post is myth number 9 on Mr. Schoon’s list, “You should wear a mask when you do nails”.

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When proper measures are taken, such as using a source capture ventilation system in your salon, nail dust masks are not necessary.  By using these systems you capture the dust and vapor at the source of the problem, not allowing them to migrate into the salon air.  Masks might work well for stopping dust, but have no effect on stopping harmful vapors from entering your body.  Source capture systems take in this harmful vapor where the work is being done and capture them in a thick bed of activated carbon.

Check out this myth and others here as stated by Mr. Schoon here.



Research Begins On The Effectiveness Of Source Capture Ventilation Systems For Use In Nail Salons

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) currently has a research project to examine the effectiveness of different source capture ventilation systems (SCVS) units for use in nail salons, including downdraft vented nail tables and portable SCVS received from developers, manufacturers, distributors, or vendors (see the Federal Register NoticeRight-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. External Web Site Icon). Summarized results of the research and recommendations from NIOSH will be shared with salon workers, salon owners, and the public with the hope of providing valuable information for maximizing salon ventilation effectiveness.







Would You Wear a Gas Mask While Getting Your Hair Done?

As extreme as it may sound, salons across the United States and Canada are using gas masks as a “safer” alternative for clients undergoing the popular Brazilian Keratin hair process. Last month, the smoothing treatment came under fire when Oregon’s Occupational Safety & Health Administration (or OSHA) found significant levels of formaldehyde in the Brazilian Blowout solution. In order to keep both stylists and clients safe, salons have begun implementing goggles, gloves and gas masks as protective measures, keeping those performing & undergoing the treatment, out of harm’s way.

But how far is too far? “You have to have the proper ventilation,” says Tracy Pohlkamp, owner of Indulge Studios in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.  Holding a respirator to your face, while undergoing the 90 minute process isn’t the right way to keep patrons safe, but it’s also not leaving them with an enjoyable experience.

The Chemical Source Capture System, developed by Aerovex Systems, is a specialized ventilation system that not only lowers the potential for excessive inhalation exposure, but also absorbs and removes the chemical vapors from the air emitted during the Brazilian Keratin process. In addition to creating a well ventilated area, there is no need for gas masks or facial respirator to be applied. The Chemical Source Capture System keeps the air in salons fresh and most importantly clean. By enabling this ventilation system, stylists and clients are not only safe, but comfortable and happy to see salons going the extra mile for their safety.

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