“A Day in the Life of a Medical Pedicurist” – An Article in NAILS Magazine

One of the greatest things about the nail industry is that there are so many options when it comes to building the kind of career you want. Some techs thrive on the excitement and glamour of creating dazzling nail art, while others are fulfilled by working in a medical setting and helping others. NAILS spoke to two techs about their decision to become medical pedicurists, what a typical day is like for them, and how interested nail techs can steer their careers in the same direction.

Medical pedicurist Crystal Pike  of Mountain Podiatry in Hendersonville, N.C. and owner of Safe Salon Supply, LLC.  uses all the proper personal protection devices in her salon, including a high tech ventilation system with patented eHEPA® filtration that removes dust and VOC’s from the breathing zone.

eHEPA® technology also captures and destroys biological contaminants at extremely high high kill rates, which is especially important in a medical setting.  Her machine also has a built in LED light that illuminates her work space.

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