Best lil’ Nail Show Texas 2017 and the 1st Annual International Safe Salon Awareness Week

April 2nd, International Safe Salon Awareness Week Safe Salon Rating MediNail Learning Center Safe Salon Supply, LLC., Aerovex Systems AND Nails Magazine kick off the 1st INTERNATIONAL SAFE SALON AWARENESS WEEK at the Best lil’ Nail Show TEXAS!

One week of helpful guidelines on social media showing how to GIVE and RECEIVE the safest salon service.

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Nail Professional Breathing Zone Protection – A Closer Look

Protection from respirable dust particles, which are invisible because of their very small size (less than 3 microns), should be the focal point of preventing nail dust inhalation exposure. These microscopic dust particles, which can stay suspended and float around in the salon air for up to 10 hours,  create the greatest health risk. Additionally, the larger chemical laden dust particles often end up on the manicure table top, where the NT’s forearms rest all day. Prolonged and repeated nail dust skin contact can cause contact dermatitis issues. Proper ventilation & good application technique will also lower incidence rates of contact dermatitis.

(This video illustrates how long microscopic dust remains in the room air)

(For effective source capture ventilation, a large filter with a sufficient amount of activated carbon is necessary)


When it comes to preventing inhalation exposure to chemical vapors, many so called Nail Source Capture Systems provide nail professionals with little if any breathing zone protection. The “old style” downdraft method allow chemical vapors to escape into the breathing zone, and migrate into the salon air. The most effective systems include a filter with a sufficient amount of activated carbon, (i.e. 2 lbs.), and utilize a positional extractor arm & capture hood. This method  allows the nail pro to manage where the hood is placed to control & minimize nail product inhalation exposure.

(Downdraft tables are not as effective as source capture points positioned over or adjacent to the work space.  They are also difficult and messy to clean)


(An example of a highly effective source capture system that removes nail dust and vapors with powerful suction, a high capacity dust filter and high grade activated carbon.  This model features eHEPA®  technology that also destroys microbial threats and has a built in LED light)

Some nail product vapors have little or no appreciable odor, but still can pose an inhalation exposure hazard.  Don’t ventilate to control odors; ventilate to control vapors and dusts. It’s especially important to control the air quality of your breathing zone.

Guidelines for Controlling and Minimizing Inhalation Exposure to Nail Products










“A Day in the Life of a Medical Pedicurist” – An Article in NAILS Magazine

One of the greatest things about the nail industry is that there are so many options when it comes to building the kind of career you want. Some techs thrive on the excitement and glamour of creating dazzling nail art, while others are fulfilled by working in a medical setting and helping others. NAILS spoke to two techs about their decision to become medical pedicurists, what a typical day is like for them, and how interested nail techs can steer their careers in the same direction.

Medical pedicurist Crystal Pike  of Mountain Podiatry in Hendersonville, N.C. and owner of Safe Salon Supply, LLC.  uses all the proper personal protection devices in her salon, including a high tech ventilation system with patented eHEPA® filtration that removes dust and VOC’s from the breathing zone.

eHEPA® technology also captures and destroys biological contaminants at extremely high high kill rates, which is especially important in a medical setting.  Her machine also has a built in LED light that illuminates her work space.

Head over to NAILS Magazine to read the full article!

Other Zones of Contention

The recent Nails Magazine article, “Dust Up Over Nail Salon Air Quality”, mentions proposed bill, A.526 (see link below).

This bill does not include proper ventilation engineering controls to prevent inhalation exposure to nail product vapors, and also does not specifically address nail dust inhalation exposure, which may be cause for even greater concern. Use of safer products should be a component of a broader approach to preventing nail technician overexposure to nail products. Relying only on chemical product banning simply delays introducing proper breathing zone protection with highly effective source capture ventilation technology.

Making matters worse instead of better, chemical banning proposals are also a tool & smokescreen for fear based advocacy groups interested in raising money, but not in practical solutions such as proper employee training & proper ventilation.

Use of a nail professional source capture system, combined with proper use and maintenance, is the key component in protecting the nail tech and client’s breathing zone from inhalation exposure to both nail product vapors and dust.

Other Zones of Contention


…….Kim penned an editorial published Sept. 1, 2016 in the Queens Tribune that stated, “Being decisive and taking action is important, but we need an inclusive, collaborative approach to truly help these workers.” In the editorial, Kim’s proposed solution to salon air quality is A.526, which would ban the use of the “toxic trio” of chemicals (which the bill identifies as “toluene, dibutyl phthalates, and formaldehyde”) in nail polish and hardeners. He states this will “more equitably address the real root of the issue.” However, as addressed in other NAILS magazine articles, the notion of any nail product ingredients being “toxic” at the levels used is controversial in and of itself. The IMC does not provide any relief based on products or processes used, and Aerovex’s Cardarella notes, “It’s a misconception to tie odor level to the hazard level of the chemical. Odor is not an indicator of the hazard….[Banning specific chemicals in nail salons] is not an answer by itself. It’s a misconception to think this approach eliminates the need for proper and appropriate ventilation.”

To learn more about proposed NY State Assembly bill A.526 click here

Read Nails Magazine article “”Dust Up Over Nail Salon Air Quality

New Article From Nails Magazine, “Dust Up Over Nail Salon Air Quality” Explains The Ins and Outs of Nail Salon Ventilation Regulation

Understanding nail salon ventilation regulations can be a daunting task.  In an article published by Nails Magazine this month, “Dust Up Over Nail Salon Air Quality“, author Sree Roy goes over the ins and outs of nail salon ventilation, regulation and implementation.

Focusing on the spike in awareness in salon ventilation after a New York Times expose, the topic of proper ventilation is now coming to the forefront of conversation in both newly opening and currently operating nails salons.

To read this highly informative article head over to Nails Magazine.

The One That Works™ Wins Nails Magazine and Nailpro Magazine 2016 Readers’ Choice Award for Favorite Ventilation System!

A perennial favorite in the world of salon air purification, The One That Works™ Salon Air Purifier has won the 2016 Nails Magazine AND Nailpro Magazine Reader’s Choice Award for Favorite Ventilation System!

“The One That Works” Salon Air Purifier targets more than 350 pollutants including gases and odors from toxic chemicals and bacteria laden dusts currently found in nail & beauty salons.

“The One That Works” Salon Air Purifier does this by drawing polluted air in a 360 degree fashion through a bed of activated carbon, trapping chemical vapors and locking them away safely.

A “fountain flow” of clean air continuously circulates throughout the salon. “The One That Works” also uses a machine-washable dust filter that removes any residual dust from the air.

Operating well below conversational speech levels, The One That Works is used all over the world to keep salon air free of chemical vapor and dust.

To learn more about the award winning The One That Works™  visit Aerovex Systems


Introducing the New Heathy Air® Ceiling Mounted Chemical Source Capture System, Exclusively from Aerovex Systems

ELIMINATE “sensory irritation” (burning eyes, scratchy throats, headaches), odors, & the lingering visible chemical fume haze in the salon. End infighting between stylists that love keratin hair smoothing services, and those that don’t because of chemical sensitivity issues. Proper ventilation starts with removing & capturing formaldehyde or other hair chemical service vapors/fumes at the breathing zone of the stylist & client.



The new Healthy Air® ceiling mounted Hair Salon Chemical Source Capture System installed at Rogue Salon, NJ. allows “sensory irritation” free keratin hair smoothing services while freeing up valuable floor space. Protect the Breathing Zone of your stylists & clients. Buy (2) and double your keratin hair smoothing traffic & revenue.

To order, or for more information, call Aerovex Systems, 800-288-2023.


Original Portable Chemical Source Capture System

NY State to Implement Stringent Ventilation Requirements Oct. 3rd!

“Nail salons, new and existing, will be required to have ventilation that complies with the 2015 International Mechanical Code, a voluntary standard set by the International Code Council, an organization that devises minimum safety standards for workplaces and other spaces. There are approximately 5,000 salons in New York State. Salons that do not comply risk fines and possible loss of their license.”

Read the full article from The New York Times


Lorri Ducharme, Owner of Prestige Nails in Dudley MA, Advocates Protecting NT Respiratory Health!

Lorri Ducharme, Owner of Prestige Nails, Dudley MA, Advocates Protecting NT Respiratory Health!

Lorri is a local advocate for making Massachusetts’ nail salons the healthiest and safest in the nation. Her mission includes helping teach nail technicians how to protect their breathing zone from inhalation exposure to nail vapors, dust & microorganisms with a professionally designed Healthy Air® nail source capture system.

Aerovex Systems is  proud to be working with both Lorri and Crystal Pike, owner, Safe Salon Supply, to raise awareness and to work together towards modifying & upgrading standards to protect the respiratory health of nail technicians.

Lorri has also always been an advocate for aseptic techniques and the best in sanitation for her clients. 

 Prestige Salon has the professional nail care industry status of “Medi-Nails Certification,” and  notes, currently they are the only such salon in Central Massachusetts to hold this respected distinction with a five-star rating.