How Safe Is The Air In Your Salon?

After spending a day in the salon do you expect to leave feeling light headed from chemical fumes?

It’s time to raise your expectations and demand that beauty salons invest in air quality measures.  Salon owners have a responsibility to maintain a healthy environment for their clientele and employees, most of whom are women of childbearing age, who experience prolonged exposure to high levels of toxins.

The problem is, there are no regulations in place to force salon owners to maintain proper air quality.  There are solutions out there, the most effective being a Three Zone Ventilation System.  This system ventilates the breathing zone of both the client & stylist, their work station, and the general air in the building.   Proper protection will help you avoid serious health issues that can come from inhaling the cocktail of harsh toxins associated with salon services.


Brazilian Keratin Treatment:  This popular new treatment uses ingredients such as formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde to chemically straighten hair.  The majority of salons simply rely on opening windows to get rid of the strong fumes and vapors released during this treatment.  This is an unacceptable practice, and we must demand that salons invest in the proper Chemical Source Capture System for this treatment, especially when you consider the prices that are being charged for this high end service.

Hair Spray:  Used continuously throughout the day in salons, the chemicals released from hair spray linger in the air, causing a considerable drop in air quality.  When exposed to these chemicals, adverse symptoms such as sneezing, watery or burning eyes, scratchy throat and headache can all occur.  Those who suffer from allergies or asthma may feel the unpleasant systems almost immediately.

Perms, Strippers & Dyes:  It’s no secret that the chemicals found in these solutions are not only unsafe but pose many heath risks.  Gloves may help protect stylists from direct contact with the solution, but without the proper air purifying system in place, there is nothing to protect stylists and patrons from the dangers of toxic inhalation.

Manicures & Pedicures:  Every time these services are performed, the number of airborne particles released into the air gradually increases. These popular procedures also require the use of nail polish, hardeners and other adhesives that evaporate easily into the air.  Putting a Source Capture Ventilation System in place will remove these contaminants before they come into contact with people.